By Eddie Russell FMI–

In an ever darkening world of an anti-Christ and a new generation of atheism and immorality, God is raising Warriors of Light to combat the spiritual darkness of this so-called, New Age.

Growing global governance and religious intolerance, especially against Christians, is advancing at an alarming rate. If we add that to the neo-Gnosticism that has infiltrated the Church over the past 40 + years, the situation is grim.

Jesus asked, “if salt were to loose its flavor, with what can it be salted?”

In just two generations, the Judeo-Christian ethic, the salt that advanced Western civilization, has been all but removed from secular education, politics, and hence society. The result is that a formed moral conscience is replaced with relativism and individualism, and consequently, lawlessness, intolerance, and violence, the solution for which is an ever-growing rule by law and virtual police states on a global scale.

We cannot turn back the prophetic clock of the Book of Revelation and deny the signs and the nature of the spiritual warfare of the times. However, we can be as bold as Lions, and bravely present a clear alternative until Jesus returns; one that can be clearly seen and not just heard, although both are required for effective witness.

The Lord Jesus said through prophecy at Flame Ministries’ St. Mary’s Cathedral Praise Meeting…

“In these days, the young shall be as the wisdom of age, and the aged will be as though young. You are to seek a new wisdom for these times from the Spirit of Truth to combat lying sophistries. You are to be one together and undivided.”

If you have carried a burden for these times, and sensed an urge to act, but have not yet known why or how, then you could have heard the calling of the Lord Jesus to become a new generation: A Joshua Generation; one that has a double portion of the Spirit as did Elisha and living with the boldness of Jeremiah.


Joshua, Son of Nun, took up the mantle of leadership of the Israelites at the time of Moses death. Joshua was a strong and courageous young leader who led God’s people fearlessly into the Promised Land…

“Now Joshua son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him. So the people of Israel obeyed him and did everything just as the LORD had commanded Moses.” Deuteronomy 34:9.

You too, like Joshua, Elisha, and Jeremiah are to take up the mantle of leadership in your circle of life and join the ranks of the Warriors of Light, and like Saint Paul, be a witness to the Truth.

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