The Spiritual Battle to Deliver Your Prayer

June 2, 2019

Eddie Russell

Sometimes the answer to your prayer may be delayed due to battles going on in the spiritual realm. On the surface, it may seem as though God has not heard your prayer or in fact, answered them. However, as it was with Daniel, perhaps other things are stopping the answer from arriving.

The angel Gabriel immediately set out from God to bring the answer to Daniel’s prayer, but then we see that the angel encountered a problem.

Gabriel was held up in the heavenlies by the prince of the kingdom of Persia; the prince of the demonic principality with control over the region.

For that reason, Gabriel was held up for twenty-one days in the heavenlies, and finally, he had to call on the Archangel Michael to hold back the principality so that he could get through with the answer to the prayer for Daniel.

angels of demons

Once Gabriel had delivered the answer, he then had to fight his way through the prince of Persia again on the way out. Gabriel warned Daniel that the prince of Greece would come, the demonic principality having control over the region of Greece.

What if Daniel Complained About the Delay?

His situation was urgent, and the need was great, but the answer was held up for twenty-one days, for something that was needed now. Daniel had no idea what was happening.

It can happen like that for us. We may have been humble before God, and yet the answer to our prayer has not come. We know, from this scripture that it took twenty-one days for the answer to get through for Daniel.

Now let’s say that Daniel gave up believing that God would fulfill the covenant promises and meet all of Daniel’s needs. Imagine if Daniel gave up one minute before the twenty-first day was ended. What do you think would have happened?

Gabriel would have returned to God with the answer to the prayer, and Daniel would not have received it.

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