Gifts and Prayers Left Unopened In Heaven

May 18, 2019

Eddie Russell FMI–

Some years ago, I heard a priest share a vision of Heaven. It was an actual vision where an angel escorted the priest into the palaces of Heaven. All of the palaces were full of beautiful gifts, and the angel showed the priest an enormous room that also happened to be the most beautiful. This room was filled, wall-to-wall, with incredible gifts of absolute beauty. The priest asked the angel about this room, and the angel replied, 

“These are the gifts that God wanted to give to his people and the answers to their prayers that he had granted.” 

The priest then asked, 

“If these are God’s gifts for his people and the answers to their prayers, why are they still here?” 

The angel replied, 

“When people pray, God hears them and answers by sending an angel to deliver the answer. This room is full of the gifts and answers to the prayers of the people who gave up faith before I arrived, so I had to bring the gifts and answers back. That is why they are here in this room”.

How Many Of Our Gifts and Prayers Are Lost?

How many blessings, and how many answers to prayers could we lose because we give up faith before we see the result? Ineffective prayer is giving up before you see the answer. 

So often we give up too soon, and that is one of the reasons why we have so many unanswered prayers. So the simple answer is, hang in there. Keep praising, keep faithful to God; the answer is on its way. 

By Edward Russell FMI

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